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hooked on a feeling

April 7, 2009

There were reports of Anna Wintour being spotted watching Mandy vs. Monaco in Miami. Fedfed was playing right after, but still.

Bandwagon semi-jumping, sudden burst of British pride – I don’t care. I hope Anna and Mandy are keeping contact. I want her to try and make a Men’s Vogue cover out of this:

Speaking of Fedfed, watching this was… uncomfortable. More so than reading the presser. RACQUET SMASH! was awkward, but it tended more to hilarity in the ‘awkward shit’ spectrum, even if he were losing to a player that I don’t like. That video of the presser, on the other hand, is… erm.

He sounds and has the same mannerisms Roddick usually has after Fed beat downs. Only with moar delusion (’twas the SUN getting in his EYES!) and barely contained tears.

Oh Rogi. You actually seem to be in a worse state than Dina.

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