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from Serbia with hate

April 2, 2009

I take it back. I’m willing to temporarily (say, a week) take every single bad thing I’ve ever said about Roger Federer back, too, if  he beats Djokovic in the Miami semis.

I don’t know if he’s figured out his new racquet, if he’s being reinvigorated by nostalgia (Miami was his first Masters shield), if he’s rebounding from all the hate he got after USO ’08,  or what. Whatever it is, the amount of UGH-ness in Djokovic’s post match press conferences has been increasing again exponentially, pointing to a re-birth of form. This is problematic for me because I hate Novak Djokovic’s public and game persona so much the hate could burst out of my chest any second now a la Alien.

I do feel soothed by the fact that Roger seems to hate him as much as I do, so while Djokovic is reinvigorated by nostalgia, Federer could always embrace his HATE as motivation! If the Djokovic Parents are there, this should be even easier.

Lawls. But srsly, the extent of my hearting for Dinara Safina is almost the extent of my hating of Djokovic. For her sake, I hope Serena retains her #1 for as long as possible.

Regroup, Dina. REGROUP. null

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  1. April 2, 2009 10:00 am

    Ahhh… what would we do without the trolls on WTAworld lolllll! At least Dinara self destructed before she got to #1, whereas Jelena will have a monkey on her back until she wins a grand slam – IF it’ll happen :sobs:

    Hahah and yeah, if it was Roger vs Novak, I’d go for Roger all the way! Love both their games, hate their attitudes.


  1. miami round up. « for the ♥ of tennis;

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