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all coming back to me now

March 26, 2009

So Camilla it is! At least for now. And while Verdasco is engrossed in his effort of never letting the other pillow cool, tennis people in high places are pairing Ana and Rafa for promotional stuff, triggering a (quite unexpected!) good ship relapse.

All pictures from this golf photoshoot are Reader’s Digest cover material. They’re so cohesive in looks.

1. Movies lie about comebacks from retirement. Most people are not Rocky Balboa. It’s not a chance for career renascence so much as a virtual guarantee of awkwardness and embarrassment. Like a boy-band 20 yrs  reunion.

That said, I wish Clijsters the best in her new go as a player, even if I think being remembered by a dignified exit would be best.Must be hard, though, watching the current state of the ladies’ tour and not going, “Omg, I could so win my kid another mansion…”

2. Jesus Christ, could Roger Federer please stop with the fucking monogramming? How old is he? Forty? Perfectly good Nike jacket ruined by the ubiquitous, unnecessary (and fugly, imho) RF monogram. Too busy at the front, the color of the monogram doesnt quite match the color of the Nike symbol and the arm stripes. Ugh.

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