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post gs hangover

February 3, 2009

1. Unexpected realization during this year’s AO: I may sortakinda need Novak Djovak in my tennis life. (*) For the off court entertainment. He’s not even all that good at controversy, really, but compared to the lousiness of the rest of the top 8 at it, he’s a star. The retiring shtick is getting old, true, but take the Fed/Murray snipping about who truly deserved THE HONOR of being the bookie’s princess, for instance. That was interesting, but lacking color/the appropriate comic value until Djokovic got into it all, “HAY GUIIIIISE, I’M STILL HEEEERE. DON’T PAY ATTN TO ANDY MURRAY, PAY ATTN TO MEEEEEEE.”

2. I value Juan Martin Del Potro’s presence in the top 10. I want him to continue to be the Lord of Mickey Mouse tournaments. If he keeps falling in Federer’s half of the draw, he has the potential to become Roddick 2.0. Two times more fail, two times less likely to hook up with someone hot and famous as consolation prize.

3. Roger Federer still on a roll. Third straight post GS final presser that makes me think ‘fuckery’. (“Not usually the best player always wins.” Orly?)

4. This whole thing about Rafa proposing Federer for the Asturias award sounds so much like overboard ass kissing that I’m a little embarrassed on Rafa’s behalf, well intentioned as he may be.

Rafa, bb, we get it. You respect Roger. Fab. Now I wish you’d cut it out and enjoy your new shiny silverware quietly.

(*) I reserve myself the right to take this back at any time.


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