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best thing ever in the world

July 7, 2008

Arriving at 12.30am, he missed the food. He was handed the trophy by All England Club chairman Tim Phillips, and dropped the lid on the floor – but even that did not take away the magic of the occasion. (*)

– I’ll never get over this.

– Am considering never watching another tennis match ever again, because I’m convinced nothing in my lifetime will ever be as epic as far as this sport goes. And if it happens, I’m sure it’ll happen to a player I can’t stand or something.

– Spider-Man!Rafa climbing all over posh Wimbledon to greet people = !!!! I’m sure some purists were about to die from shock.

– Roger Federer’s dad is awesome. I can totally buy that when tennis instructors talked to him about how talented his son was when he was a kid, Mr Federer was all like, “Lulz, wachoo talking about Willy.” Srsly, the anti soccer-parent.

– Gavin Rossdale should stop dragging his (clearly uninterested) pregnant wife to this sort of stuff. Seven hours. Having to get up constantly to pee. That’s torture.

– Am glad Rafa got to stood next to a Wimbledon legend in her own right for the Champions picture. Not to mention that Venus was probably a lot nicer than Serena would have been. (In the sense of Rafa feeling as much at ease as possible. I could so see Serena teasing him and making him even more nervous/blushy than he already seemed to be homg.)

– ILU Rafa. Thank you forbeing awesome.

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  1. dona rogelia permalink
    March 22, 2009 1:30 pm

    chica, this is hilarious! How can I have missed it so far?


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