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grass is for fashionistas

June 20, 2008

1. I’m more excited about what kind of bling Roger Federer will have on his Wimbledon bag (I hope it’s jade to match the grass) than about the tournament proper. I’m sure I could find a preview picture of it online if I looked it up, but I want to be surprised.

I hope it *is* suspense-worthy, to balance out his outfit which is, sadly, very plain.

2. Rafa’s new haircut is terrible. So is his fashion sense, but nothing new there. (Let us not forget gigolo pride.) EDIT: A better picture! The haircut is still terrible, but happy-face makes almost anything better.

3. HERE, read about Justin Gimelstob, bff  of Andy Roddick & Team USA, “humorously” calling Anna Kournikova a dumb bitch, Tati Golovin a “sexpot”  and Alize Cornet a “little sexpot”. It is très charming, let me tell you. And “hilarious”, of course.

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