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like a gay themed ‘wimbledon’

May 22, 2008

First: Adorable pictures of Rafa smiling during training in Hamburg. (Link leads to the photographer’s blog.)

Second: I dislike Pete Bodo’s articles intensely in general.

They’re ripe with condescension and tend to paint Rafa as a talentless — albeit endearing — special needs person who wins matches against real players by just standing there bashing the ball hard and ‘fighting’, no? Fucking terrible.

However, I always have a peek at his Federer vs Nadal articles because I know I’ll find stuff like this:

In other words, maybe Pete Sampras was right when, before Roger and Rafael discovered each other, he had a one word answer for what tennis needs: “rivalry.” It has that now – boy, does it ever.

THIRD, THE SUPER SPECIAL EDIT OF LULZYNESS: Apparently, when asked which song he finds motivating, Rafa Nadal named Bryan Adams’ Back to You. lkasfhliçBDVGkhdkg!! NO WORDS. None. (Link to the Marca article.)

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  1. May 22, 2008 2:35 pm

    Back. To. You?

    LOL, where was this article?

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