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how about a 3some with your bff?

April 8, 2008

1. I’m convinced that Maria Sharapova’s affair with Novak Djokovic would be the fakest and at the same time MOST ENTERTAINING relationship the world of celeb tennis has ever seen. IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

2. Speaking of (fictional) relationships (that need to happen), I so love this picture I posted two entries bellow. I love how their outfits clash, and Rafa’s relaxed pose, and Federer smiling ADORABLY AND GOOFILY AT RAFA, and arms brushing! They look so happy couple-ish there, I die.

3. A picture of the Armada in Germany for Davis Cup:

Of notice: David Ferrer’s unfortunate facial hair, Feliciano Lopez looking like a girl, Rafa with his standard ‘confuzzled, just woke up’ face and Nando… being Nando. Which is not a bad thing at all. Also notice Nicolas Almagro’s absence.

Thanks to Kallio and Christina04 (? I think), now every time I see an Armada picture I imagine Nicolas Almagro somewhere in Spain either using it for dart board practice or cutting and pasting a picture of himself over the image of one of the other players. CREEPY.

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