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netjet or some other name equally loltastic

March 11, 2008

Ok, so the Federer vs. Sampras match:

1. Lulz @ the entrances.

2. They’re still using The Imperial March as Roger’s theme song. HEE! I actually have no problem imagining Roger and Anakin being bffs.

3. Miroslava had gum-chewing partners – Tiger Woods, Mrs. Tiger Woods, Mrs. Pete Sampras, and Pete Sampras himself right before the match – all chewing gum. Federer’s mom, who was right alongside Mirka-Woods-Woods refused to join in because she’s just too fucking classy to be all bovine on television.

4. Anna Wintour, watching Federer adoringly. Beside her is the actual devil.

5. Donald Trump & current missus were also there, but the people who manage the Yahoo tennis page didn’t think he was important enough to be worthy of a spot on their gallery.

6. Pete Sampras celebrating a la Rafa in the second set = HILARITY. And made me miss my Squishy. :((

7. For the most part of the third set, Roger had what I assume was a bit of cotton from a towel hanging on his chin. It was driving me NUTS. I wanted to jump trough the screen and rub it off. Then give him a hug, because he was looking adorable.

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