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how awesome is clay? VERY AWESOME

February 27, 2008

* How glad was I that Canas beat that Berlocq dude today? VERY GLAD. Like, this one time? Berlocq hit a shot in the exact direction of Willy’s face. The half-assed handshake at the end was glorious. Canas was all, “Suck it, bitch.”

* I can’t watch Moya matches in tournaments where Rafa isn’t playing without thinking that Rafa is out there, somewhere, watching and going all “misses!!1*

* How oddly attractive is David Nalbandian? ODDLY, VERY ATTRACTIVE. I prefer his off court look, with a fuller beard and his hair loose, but still. ATTRACTIVE.

Do you ever have the feeling when you’re watching Nalbandian that he’s all, “WHATEVER! *handwaves*” about his matches, though? Because I often do! He looks like he wants nothing more than to take a page from Team France, go out and enjoy some home-made tequila and the lovely people (of the female sex, preferably) of Acapulco.

So his mind wanders off to all these great places he could be right now instead of this retarded court, and his opponent seizes the opportunity to score a few points. THEN, right in time to prevent some damage, Daveed comes back and realizes that the more he sucks, the longer he’ll have to stay on court to compensate and win.

All in all, I always assume his discreet fistpumps in early rounds have less to do with the thrill of getting closer to winning a match, than with the thrill of getting closer to finishing it off and FINALLY leaving court for the bars in the vicinity.

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