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real person lies, take 2

February 19, 2008

‘Dancing With Stars’ celebs announced:

The other contestants include actors Marlee Matlin, Shannon Elizabeth and Steve Guttenberg; tennis champion Monica Seles (…)

Man! Maybe I have to wait until the players I mentioned here retire so that at least ONE of my dream scenarios comes true! I still don’t think The Bachelor Safin and PR guest Federer are that farfetched, really. Oh universe, pls let this happen.


The ‘Now on to Rotterdam’ I wrote in the previous entry leads one to think I’ll be watching when, in reality, I may not! I was intending to check on Rafa’s match against Dmitry tomorrow, because I miss Rafa dearly, but I’ll have school things to sort out. Registration and whatnots that might take all day. Hopefully Rafa will advance and I’ll have another chance to check on him. (Trough the super handy William Hill site since, alas, they’re not airing Rotterdam here.)

I’m too much of ‘tard to have the heart to watch a tournament after Rafa’s no longer in it. I FAIL.

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