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Marseille – the run down

February 17, 2008

1. I’m not mortally offended by any of the four players that made it to the semifinals! That made for good watching.

2. Mario’s back from the dead! I wish he’d taken the title, but it was still a great result for him. I’d be all enthusiastic about how this spells GOOD NEWS and how Mario will be getting back to his old shape now, but… you never know with Mario. He may fall ill with a rare skin condition or be stricken by a lightning bolt.

3. Speaking of illness, the beginning of the New King’s (that would be Djokovic) reign has been marred by the flu. Tragic.

4. And, like, not that I care about him in any way that could be spun as positive, but it was sort of sad that a) there wasn’t a Murray vs. Djoko showdown and b) that Djoko had to lose in front of his gf, who was looking very pretty on the stands, with a white head band not unlike Blair Waldorf‘s.

Now on to Rotterdam.

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