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February 4, 2008

Last year, after reading about Mark Philippoussis being on NBC’s Age of Love, I posted this:

I’m currently making a mental lists of tennis players I’d like to see participating in shameful, but dear to my heart American reality tv shows.

I want Marion Bartoli, Serena Williams and my man, Marcos Baghdatis, participating in a sports version of The Biggest Loser. (I’d mention Daveed, but he’s already done something today that made him feel proud.)

Rafa on Queer Eye for The Straight Guy/What Not To Wear.

They could have a challenge in Project Runway where the designers would have to create something for R-Fed – a manpurse, mebbe. I want this to happen mostly for the chance to see Roger a) interacting with Tim Gunn! and b) as a guest judge, sitting side by side Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and Kors, making fashion comments. I do ❤ his awkward metrosexuality.

Will have to think of teams for The Amazing Race.

Edited: MARAT SAFIN FOR THE BACHELOR. The Bachelor isn’t really anywhere near to my heart, but I’d watch if Safin were in it.

While Marat Safin’s The Bachelor and Roger Federer as a guest judge on PR are still my favorite pretend reality tv show moments, I finally came up with an Amazing Race team that FITS:

Novak Djokovic/Maria Sharapova – in my head, they’d be just like Romber, only meaner. And maybe whinier. (They could even get married in the end, SURVIVOR STYLE.)

Rob & Amber


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